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Why you should start a running blog today.

Everyone that runs should start a running blog – there it is, it’s out there. If you run and you don’t have a blog then make a point of starting one as soon as possible (visit our how to start a running blog article for tips and advice on getting it set up).

  • Don’t care about stats ? you should still start a running blog.
  • Only running for fun ? you should start a running blog.
  • Nothing to say ? you should still start a running blog.

 Reasons to start a running blog

There are three main reasons to start a running blog. They provide benefit to you, and to others that run. Those reasons are:


1. To gain an insight into your running performance.

Whether you care about improving, running faster, running longer or not, there is a lot of value in getting this level of insight.

You get a historical record of what works for you as an individual, when you felt good, when you felt rough, when you lacked motivation – the only way to find these out is from the historical data you’ll have on your blog. Spotting patterns around what amount or frequency of running leads you to injury, or potential injury (that can come from tiredness, lack of coordination etc). Great that you’re recording this stuff on Strava or Garmin Connect, but distance, time and calories burned are only part of the picture you need.

2. To get feedback from others on your running.

There are literally millions of runners out there, trying out training plans, experimenting with different diets, measuring gain through new training techniques. Publishing your training regime gives them the opportunity to comment and feedback on something that you are trying, that they might have tried or experienced already. Why would you not want to learn from the successes and mistakes of others?

Don’t be worried about whether your training is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ – there’s no such thing. It is different for everyone, everyone is learning, otherwise why would Olympic athletes have coaches?

3. To provide feedback to others on gear, techniques and races.

Everyone, bar none, is looking for that little bit more edge. Looking around for other peoples experiences as to what worked. Your opinion on a piece of kit, a training technique or a particular race is valuable.  Everyone looks at reviews before making a decision – look at how it works for Amazon or TripAdvisor – should I enter this race? is it any good? Should I swap to Nike shoes? Should I try a low carb diet? Everyone has these questions and wants to hear feedback from others.

The other advantage of this is feedback on your feedback – you write a great report on a race you loved and you get suggestions from comments on other races that are similar. You get hints and tips on what other shoes people have swapped to.


So, again, if you don’t have one, go and start a running blog today. It’s simple, and a valuable part of your training, learning and feedback processes.

Unsure how to start one? see our How to Start a Running Blog post. Looking to make it easier to post your training? check out our cool automated service.

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