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Training Diary Survey

A couple of weeks ago I conducted a short survey on what people use for a Training Diary, Run Tracking Apps and Websites.

It’s an area of high interest for me, the intersection of those three things. There is a utopia of those three working together to give us an unparalleled insight into our training history, and therefore clues as to future improvements. There are some neat applications and integrations out there today, but we are still a long way from what is ultimately achievable.

Anyway, back to the survey – there were a couple of reasons for it – firstly I’m genuinely interested in what other people are doing around here, and secondly I was trying to validate an assumption I have (more on that later)…

I published the survey request in a local facebook group and a wider, global ultra running group – again, those are the particular areas of interest for me. Over the space of a couple of weeks I had 60 people respond – enough to get a feel for the answers, rather than any sort of statistical relevance.

The questions were centered around peoples use of a runner training diary (two third do, one third don’t), run tracking apps (Strava and Garmin Connect being the most popular with around 25% each, 10 people using nothing at all and the rest being single digit percentages) and whether people had a website/blog where they wrote about their running – this answer surprised me – 20% did and 80% of the respondents did not (not sure why, but I though it would be skewed the other way…. probably a bias based on my own use case).

The other questions covered what people are paying for the various services (did they have the premium service, or use the basic, free service) and, if they had a website, how frequently they kept it updated, how difficult they found it to update etc.
Unfortunately most of these other questions became irrelevant as the majority of respondents did not have a website.

Not sure there are many conclusions I can draw from the data, but I do want to thank everyone of taking the time to respond. I have included the full results (after removing the publicly identifiable respondent data) in the link below. Feel free to copy and share the data as you see fit.

Get the results document here.


Once again, thanks if you took the time to respond.


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