The Big Idea

So, what’s this all about I hear you ask…

Well, I have this assumption / idea that I can help runners rejuvenate their running blogs, or for those just starting out, I can help them document their journey.

I know there are plenty of running blogs out there, there are plenty of places and activities to get blog topics from, but I consistently see sad, unloved, broken, forgotten running blogs. There has to be a reason… I know everyone that starts a blog does so with the best of intent, but something happens to cause it fall by the wayside.

Everyone is busy, everyone would rather be running than sat typing on a laptop, and the hassle of coming up with topics or getting the days activities together to write up – it’s often too much to be bothered with.

That ‘too much hassle’ to blog is a problem I want to solve. I want to solve it for myself foremost, and I want to solve it for everyone else also. If I can use to connect with more runners, get more training ideas, see what works for others, then all the better.

First things first – let’s solve the problem, because I want a solution for myself. I’m almost there (March 2015) with that. Next will be seeing if others can make sure of it.

Well, what is it?

I have a number of ideas floating around at the moment. The absolute simplest is an email list service that provides weekly running blog topics. A lot of people struggle with coming up with topics, so a weekly prod with some potential topics might be enough to get people motivated to blog, and (importantly) might build a little community. If you’re interested in joining this weekly email list then you can sign up here :

The next service is more about using the vast repository of data that each runner has as the topics – their training runs and races. I have a working solution (a working proof of concept at the moment) for integrating with Strava and RunKeeper, grabbing the latest activities, (optionally) letting you add a few notes and automatically posting it, in a chosen format, to a wordpress blog (directly publishing or publishing as draft).
I plan to add posting to other website types (Blogger etc)


Anyway, there you have it… I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or comments – email me and let me know…